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Welcome To Catered Dish Catering 



Planning an event and want to impress your guests?

Whatever the deadline and expectations, we will deliver a flawless, delightful spread that's sure to please.



Be a butterfly and we'll be the bee. While you entertain your guests we will create to please.



No matter what you are dreaming of, a sunset champagne picnic on the beach with all the treats or a candle light dinner in a garden, Catered Dish can set the mood for your special occasion.

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Happy Holidays

You can rest easy when you plan the perfect holiday event with Catered Dish. With a creative eye for detail, we know how to bring the holiday together. Take advantage of all our services from catering, floral and decor, and bar services. We will take care of everything so you don't have to.

Wine and Cheese

Wine Down

Want to keep it simple and surprise someone with a special evening? Catered Dish can set the mood for that special night. With a great  selection of wines, cheeses and handcrafted desserts to choose from.


Meet The Chef 

Y'all, meet Chef Brandon Milam, the heart and soul behind Catered Dish, where the warmth of Southern hospitality meets a passion for good, honest cooking. With 8 years of bringing the flavors of the South to Brevard, he's more than just a chef; he's a culinary storyteller.

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